Community Wide

The Community Wide sector of Fit Together is working to develop broad-based initiatives that target the general public, city and state policies, and the environment.


1. To increase opportunities for healthy eating:

  • On February 19, 2013, a “Right to Farm” ordinance was approved by the City Council.  It is the declared policy of the Torrington City Council and legislative determination of the City Council to conserve and protect agricultural land and to encourage agriculural operations and the sale of local farm products within the city. Thus making fresh, local farm products more accessible to residents.
  • Visit the Northwest Family Farms Co-op’s website to find a farmers’ market near you. They offer fresh, high quality, locally produced goods to 5 Northwest CT towns.

2. To increase opportunities for physical activity as a part of everyday life:

  • Work with city officials to adopt a “Complete Streets” ordinance. A “Complete Streets” resolution was approved by the Torrington City Council in May 2013:
  • Establish safe walking/biking routes.
  • In the spring, the Community Wide subcommittee will begin its sidewalk survey of the City of Torrington’s “pedestrian district.”  In addition to identifying the city’s healthy assets, they will also assess the sidewalk conditions.

3. To improve community collaboration and assessment capacity:

  • Collaborate efforts and funds to conduct community-wide assessments.
  • Create new collaborations in order to share expertise, resources, and coordinate efforts.

Community Health Assessment and Group Evaluation

In November 2012, Fit Together NW CT completed the CDC’s CHANGE Tool (Community Health Assessment and Group Evaluation).  Steering committee leads organized local community health teams in 5 geographic areas: New Milford, Northwest Corner, Plymouth, Torrington, and Winchester.  These teams collected data for the five different CHANGE sectors (Community-At-Large, Community Institutions/Organizations, Health Care, Schools, and Work Sites.) This geographic span provided a countywide perspective of assets, needs and strategies that were most important and easiest to implement in each community. Fit Together completed the assessment in the spring of 2013.

Once the results were summarized, the steering committee met to determine priority strategies, objectives, and activities for implementation focusing on four strategic directions: Tobacco Free Living, Active Living, Healthy Eating and Clinical Preventive Services.

Fit Together will continue to work with local coalitions to develop, implement, and sustain policies, systems, and environments, practices and programs that make the healthy choice the easy choice in our communities.

Torrington Trails Network

The Torrington Trails Network (TTN) is a group of local volunteers interested in developing an interconnected, accessible trail system throughout the City of Torrington for various recreational purposes.

This trail system is being developed in accordance with the Open Space and Greenways chapter of the Torrington Plan of Conservation and Development. This plan will serve to guide the TTN with the City’s representative acting as a liaison to City departments and commissions.

Visit TNN’s website to learn more about the many beautiful trails that are available to Torrington residents to help them live a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Check out WalkCT to learn about more trails to walk and enjoy in the state.  WalkCT wants to put you on the path to health and happiness. No matter your age or activity level, there is a walk out there just for you. At, Connecticut walking locations, family-friendly outings, and healthy living resources are right at your fingertips.

4. To improve community-wide communication to advance healthy eating and active living:

  • Create community conversation around living a healthy lifestyle.

Fit Together

To build the healthiest kids, families, and communities through sustainable strategies that foster healthy eating and active living.

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