Watching too much television has been associated with increased snacking leading to increased obesity, as well as to lower reading scores and attention problems in children. Screen time includes time spent on TVs, computers, gaming consoles, tables and smartphones.

Try These Activities Instead of Watching TV

  • Ride a Bike
  • Go on a Nature Hike
  • Put Together a Puzzle
  • Turn on Some Music & Dance
  • Play Board Games
  • Walk, Run, or Jog
  • Play Ball
  • Go to the Llibrary
  • Go for a Swim
  • Attend an Activity in the Community
  • Play Charades
  • Rollerblade

Tame the TV and Computer! Set Limits and Provide Alternatives

  • Set Some Basic Rules, Such as No TV or Computer Before Homework and Chores are Completed.
  • No TV During Mealtimes.
  • Use a Timer. When the Bell Rings, it's Time to Turn Off the TV.
  • Eliminate TV During the Week.
  • Set Family Guidelines for Age-Appropriate Shows.
  • Make a List of Fun Activities to do Instead of Being in Front of a Screen.
  • Keep Books, Magazines, and Board Games in the Family Room.

What Is Healthy Screen Time?

  • No TV/Computer in the Room Where the Child Sleeps.
  • No TV/Computer for Children Under the Age of 2.
  • One Hour of Educational TV/Computer Time For Children Between the Ages of 2 and 5.
  • After the Age of 5, Two Hours or Less Per Day.

WHAT IS 5-2-1-0?

They Are Numbers to Live By!

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